Dried Pampas Grass Hanoi, Bleached Creamy White, Super Fluffy (Cortaderia) 140-150cm Plume 100cm (x5 stems) MEGA DEAL

£28.95 Inc. VAT per bunch of 5 stems

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1-4 -0%
5-9 -5%
10-14 -7.5%
15-19 -10%
20+ -12.5%

FF 6/6+

This is a natural product which has been bleached and dried

Place your stems in the sunshine to encourage the plumes to fluff up further

We grade all our wholesale dried pampas grass (unless otherwise stated) – this means we have hand selected stems which look similar to make a bunch. Check out our Bulk Deals on our Pampas Grass – grab yourself some cheap Pampas.

To help you out we give each listing a FLUFF FACTOR

FF1 – narrow plume, coarse grained in texture

FF2 – medium width plume, coarse grained in texture

FF3 – wide plume, coarse grained in texture

FF4 – narrow plume, fluffy in texture

FF5 – medium width plume, fluffy in texture

FF6 – wide plume, fluffy in texture

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