Inspiration Gallery

All of the floristry used in our Inspiration Gallery was designed and created by some of our talented customers and Barn Florist’s co-founder, Grace.

If you are looking for pre-made bouquets, wreaths or a bespoke piece of floristry then visit these guys, you will find their social media links below.

Dried floral wreath by @emmahewlettfloraldesign

Linum, Deep Pink & Natural
Limonium, White
Broom Bloom, Bleached
Ruscus, Bleached

Bunny tail wreath by Grace @barnflorist

Lagurus (Bunny Tails) & Phalaris (Canary Grass)

XL dried floral crescent hoop by @emmahewlettfloraldesign

Lagurus, White, Vintage Peach & Dusky Pink
Ruscus, White
Helichrysum Natural Pale Pink & Ivory
Linum, Ecru

Dried wedding wreath by Grace @barnflorist

Star Grass, White
Preserved Mountain Fern, White
Ranunculus, Natural Ivory
Wild Oats, Bleached
Clematis Kibo Fluffy Seed Head
Helichrysum Cape Snow
Serruria Buds
German Statice
Umbrella Sedge, Natural
Mini Palm Spear, Bleached
Mini Pampas, White

Autumnal dried floral wreath by @secretgardensunderland

Bunny Tails & Canary Grass, Orange & Apricot Shades
Millet Grass Seed Heads, Pale Orange
Helichrysum, Ivory
Broom Bloom, Bleached
Linum, Natural

Styled wedding shoot combining dried & fresh florals by @botanicsflorist

Palms & Pampas with Trailing Amaranthus Cordatus

Concept organisation and photo/video - @thesmithsandco Co organiser and florals - @botanicsflorist Styling and decor - @thecollectco_ Venue - @garthmylhall Dress - @ruedeseinebridal via @lovleybridelondon @lovleybride Stationary - @paigenco Desserts - @crumbsssss Cake topper - Jewellery & hair pieces - @honey_and_ember Models - @eerolynjosie & @jeremiino Suit - @asos @topshop Bridal boots - @asos @aldo_shoes

Wedding table and pampas cloud

Concept organisation and photo/video - @thesmithsandco
Co organiser and florals - @botanicsflorist
Styling and decor - @thecollectco_
Venue - @garthmylhall
Stationary - @paigenco

Dried florals with fresh roses by @uniqueyourwedding

Wild Oats, Bleached
Botao Buttons
Fern, Bleached
Star Grass, Bleached

Floral designer: Unique Your Wedding Photography: Emma Wilkinson Venue: Alrewas Hayes

Pampas & dried flower clouds by @arieandvine

Amaranthus Cordatus
Silver & Briza Grasses
Chair - German Statice

Dried bridal flowers by @uniqueyourwedding

Bougainvillea, Natural
Preserved Callas, Ferns & Roses
Ruscus, White
Wild Oats & Honesty, Bleached

Floral designer: Unique Your Wedding Photography: Emma Wilkinson

Dried flower hoop by @thewoodlandforager

Helichrysum, Purple
Preserved Heather, Cerise
Limonium, Purple
Globe Amaranth, Cerise

Dried floral installation by @the_swanky_place

Dried Roses, Ecru, White & Pale Yellow
Mini Palm Spears, Natural
Anahaw Palm, Paper White
Chamaerops Palm Leaf, Natural
Chamaerops Palm Leaf, Platinum
Pampas, Bleached White
Pampas, Bleached
Pampas, Light Brown
Mini Pampas, Bleached
Wheat, White
Gypsophila, Ivory
Silver Grass, Light Brown
Ruscus, White
Hill Flower, Ecru

Dried bouquet by @emmahewlettfloraldesign

Helichrysum Cape Snow
Oats, Bleached White & Orange
Lagurus, White, Pale Pink, Red & Natural
Broom Bloom, Dark Blue
Scented Lavender
Wheat, Pink
Star Flower, White
Umbrella Plant, Natural

Preserved & dried floral wreath by Grace @barnflorist

Roses, Mini Fern, Eucalyptus, Ruscus in White

Honesty, Star Flower in Lilac, Statice in Purple,
Pinion Grass in Magenta & Aubergine, Linum in Dark Red

Tiered cake with dried floral decoration by @aimeefordltd

Poppy Seed Heads
Lagurus, Brown
Broom Bloom, Ecru
Babala, Brown
Silver Grass, Brown
Cane Cone, Natural
Typha (Cat Tails)

Dried floral bouquet by @emmahewlettfloraldesign

Fennel, Bleached White
Lagurus, Grey & Natural
Pinion Grass, Cerise
Mini Palm Spears, Bleached
Globe Amaranth, Pale Pink
Linum, Pale Pink
Ruscus, Pale Pink
Mini Pampas, Natural & White
Star Flower, Pale Pink & Cerise
Munni Grass, Pink
Feather Grass, Natural White


Bougainvillea, Natural
Star Flower, Cerise
Wild Oats
Available to buy!

Decor & jewellery by @thewoodlandforager

Natural botanicals by @arieandvine

Larkspur, White
Pampas, Natural
Wild Reed Pampas
Lagurus, Dark Brown
Rice Flower
Munni Grass, Natural
Helecho Fern, White
Broom Bloom, Bleached
Nigella, Seed Pods, Natural
Poppy Seed Heads

Dried floral hoop by

Rhodanthe, Natural Pink
Broom Bloom, Burgundy
Phalaris, Frosted Pink
Eucalyptus Populus
Nigella, Seed Pods, Natural
Oats, Natural

Dried floral crescent hoop by @emmahewlettfloraldesign

Phalaris, Ecru
Honesty, Natural
Helichrysum, Natural Ivory & Burgundy
Broom Bloom, Bleached
Linum, Ecru & Pale Pink
Lagurus, Pale Pink

Dried floral wreath by @emmahewlettfloraldesign

Phalaris, Peach & Brown
Lagurus, Pale Pink & Natural
Linum, Ecru, Blue & Pale Pink
Ruscus, Bleached

Fluffy wreath by Grace @barnflorist

Preserved White Mountain Fern & Autumnal Eucalyptus
Dried Silver Grass, Apricot, Rust & Mocha
Banksia Drysandra, Orange
Ruscus, Salmon & Apricot
Lagurus, Peach
Mimosa, Natural Yellow
Mini Pampas, Mustard
Astilbe, Natural Brown

Bridal bouquet of dried flowers & seed heads by @emmahewlettfloraldesign

Bougainvillea, Natural
Serruria Blushing Bride
Rice Flower, Blush Pink
Phalaris, Brown
Bunny Tails, Ivory
Feather Grass, Natural
Star Flower, Natural White
Linum, Natural Brown
Limonium, Natural White
Ammi Seedheads
Broom Bloom, Bleached

Pampas wreath by @secretgardensunderland

Pampas textures with the addition of Ruscus, Helichrysum Flowers, Wheat and Bunny Tails

Summer wreath by Grace @barnflorist

Fern, Bleached
Bougainvillea, Lilac
Acroclinium, White & Hot Pink
Serruria Blushing Bride
Clove Flower, Plum
Happy Flower, Pink
Helichrysum, Pastel Pink
Phalaris, Peach
Lagurus, Pale Blue, Dusky Pink & Lilac
Rice Flower
Ruscus, Light Pink

Dried pampas and giant palms - wall installation by @arieandvine

Giant Palms
Super fluffy pampas
Palm Spears, Bleached
Protea Compacta Rosette, Natural
Bunny Tails, Brown & Natural
Ruscus, White
Trailing Amaranthus, White

Dried floral wedding table centre piece by @uniqueyourwedding

Trailing Amaranthus Cordatus hangs from the urns
Preserved Roses
Bleached Oats, Foliage & Ferns with Fluffy Pampas

Floral designer: Unique Your Wedding Photography: Emma Wilkinson Venue: Alrewas Hayes

Hanging botanicals by @thewoodlandforager

Helichrysum, Pale Pink
Nigella Seed Pods
Mountain Fern
Linum, Silver
Bunny Tails, Pale Pink

Dried wedding table flowers by @uniqueyourwedding

Feather Grass
Wild Oats, Bleached

Floral designer: Unique Your Wedding Photography: Emma Wilkinson Venue: Alrewas Hayes

Floral dome by @thewoodlandforager

Helichrysum, Raspberry Red
Preserved Heather, Cerise
Linum, Pale Pink
Globe Amaranth, Cerise
Bunny Tails, Pale Pink

Gift bouquet by @emmahewlettfloraldesign

Mini Pampas, Magenta
Ruscus, Pale Pink
Palm Spears, Dusky Magenta
Hill Flower, Deep Magenta
Depressa, Bright Purple
Phalaris, Pale Pink
Solidago, Rusty Pink
Pinion Grass, Natural
Lagurus, Pale Pink
Linum, Blush Pink
Wild Oats

Wedding cake with dried floral decoration by @aimeefordltd

Ruscus, White
Phalaris, White
Palm Spear, Pale Pink
Babala, White
Silver Grass, Pale Pink
Gypsophila, Bleached
Bearded Wheat, Bleached
Peacock Feather, Bleached
German Statice, Bleached White

Dried bridal bouquet by @emmahewlettfloraldesign

Leucadendron Rubrum, Natural
Craspedia, Pink
Lagurus, Peach & White
Poppy Seed Heads
Phalaris, Hazelnut Brown
Linum, Natural & Blush Pink
Ruscus, White
Briza Grass, White v Broom Bloom, Blush & White
Oats, Orange & White

Dried floral autumn wreath by

Amaranthus, Red
Carthamus, Orange
Lagurus, Natural
Phleum, Pink
German Statice, Pale Lilac
Alchemilla, Green
Wheat, Natural
Ruscus, Dark Red

Bunny tail hoop by @houseofbloomfloral

Bearded Wheat, Natural
Lagurus, Terracotta & Natural
Globe Amaranth, Orange
Phalaris, Ecru
Pinion Grass


Bougainvillea, Natural
Star Flower, White
Bearded Wheat

Available to buy!

Dried floral bouquet @emmahewlettfloraldesign

Helichrysum Cape Snow
Helichrysum Immortelle, Bleached White
Lagurus, White & Pale Pink
Rice Flower, White
Scented Lavender
Linum, Ecru
Broom Boom, Dark Blue
Wheat, Natural
Serruria, Blushing Bride
Ruscus, White

Celebration cake with dried floral decoration by @aimeefordltd

Palm Spears, Pale Pink
Ruscus, White
Babala, Bleached White
Phalaris, Bleached White
Millet Grass, Deep Pink
Silver Grass, Pale Pink

Bunny tails & canary grass wreath - one of our best sellers when they are in stock!