How it Works

Buy wholesale dried and preserved flowers and foliage online

Welcome to Barn Florist’s extensive collection of dried flowers, foliage and preserved florals. From dried pampas grass and bunny tails through to an extensive collection of dyed, tinted and preserved botanicals, you are sure to find what you are looking for here.
We are a friendly and knowledgable UK-based team offering top quality products, dedicated customer service, B2B product sourcing and fast delivery.
There is no minimum spend so you can order as much or as little as you want.
We offer discounts for bulk orders starting with orders over £200:

We also offer three levels of trade discount starting from 7%. Please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about our trade discount –

Buying wholesale and what it means

We are a wholesale webshop which means we don’t break down our bunches into small quantities, and in order to keep our prices as low as possible we always charge for delivery and packaging. This is a fixed price that doesn’t increase the more you buy.

How to order

There is no need to set up an account to place an order and there is no minimum spend.
The price that appears next to each listing is the wholesale price per bunch or per stem. All prices include VAT.
Use the main menus to start your flower search and use the side search menus on the left of the page to refine your search further. When you’ve found the products you’re looking for simply click on the image to take you to the product listing where you will find additional information. Select the amount of bunches or stems you require and then click ‘Add to basket’. Once you have added all the products you require to your basket you will be able to review your order and select your preferred delivery option before proceeding to checkout.
If you’re not quite ready to place your order you can always create a Wishlist to save for a later date. This is a great option if you’re planning for a future event or occasion and simply want to gather ideas. When you find the products you like simply click ‘Add to wishlist’. You can also take a look at our Inspiration Gallery if you’re looking for some ideas.
If you need advice regarding quantities or your choices do please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help –
Please note that unless a product is sold by the stem, all weights, quantities and dimensions are approximate and offered only as a guide to what you might receive in a wholesale bunch. Every natural bloom & stem is unique, there is no standard with any of our natural products.
Dried and preserved flowers and foliage are generally very low maintenance and will continue to look beautiful for many months (and sometimes years) if properly handled and cared for. Please note that some products are very delicate and fragile so require careful handling.
You must keep dried and preserved flowers and foliage away from water and damp environments. Make sure the vase or container you are planning to display your flowers and/or foliage in is completely dry as any residual moisture can cause mould to grow. We recommend using a vase or container with a relatively wide neck as restricted airflow can also cause mould to grow, particularly in combination with a damp environment. Humidity can also cause natural products to decompose and they may start developing mould, so we advise keeping your flowers and/or foliage away from humid environments and out of direct sunlight as the heat from the sun can cause them to sweat.
Dried flowers may lose their colour over time which is part of the natural ageing process and part of their beauty and appeal. Keeping them away from sources of bright light (including sunlight) will help to maintain their colour. Over time your flowers and foliage will gather dust so we recommend using a feather duster, compressed air spray or hairdryer on a cool, slow setting to freshen them up. As they age, flower petals may become brittle so do take care when handling. After a few years your floral arrangement may need replacing if it begins to look a little shabby.
If you are not planning on using your products straight away they can be stored for months (and sometimes years for certain products) if stored correctly, but please note that natural coloured products will fade over time. Do not store the products in plastic sealed containers – cardboard or wooden boxes are preferable. We advise keeping them in the house and not a shed. Silica gel sachets can also help too in prolonging the storage life of dried flowers and foliage. If you are storing any dried seed heads, especially cereal and seed crops, ensure they are protected from mice who also like to nest in boxes of fluffy pampas, so make sure storage containers are sealed. You can use nontoxic insect repellent or cedar chips when storing dried florals to prevent insects such as moths nesting in them.
Caring for your pampas grass
With the exception of a few varieties, which you will pay a premium for, most pampas grass will moult (shed fluff) as part of its natural growth cycle (the coarser grainier types less so than the fluffier types). Generally this only happens when the pampas is knocked or moved. When you receive your pampas grass stems we recommend unwrapping them outside, hold the stem just below the plume and roll the stem quite vigorously a few times between your palms to open up the plume and get rid of some loose fluff. The plumes will continue to open up over a few days. They can also benefit from a little sunshine to make them fluffy or alternatively you can use a hairdryer on a cool, slow setting to make the plumes fuller. Once the pampas is in position, hair spray can be used to fix the plumes and reduce shedding, however this isn’t recommended if the pampas is going to be repacked and sent on to your customers. Your pampas can last for many years if properly cared for.
Preserved florals
Preserved florals are often stored damp so it is normal for them to feel damp when you receive your order. They should dry out within a few hours once they are removed from the packaging. Preserved products may also have an odour at first which will gradually dissipate.
Preserved florals do not react well to sudden changes in temperature and humidity and this may cause the preservative to come out of the product. If this happens it can be gently wiped off with a dry cloth. Also please note that colour may transfer so keep away from clothing and surfaces to avoid staining.
We mainly use APC as our courier and they offer a next day service to the majority of mainland UK. However, please note that next day delivery is not guaranteed so please allow enough time to receive your order, we recommend at least three days. APC offer a tracked service; on the evening of dispatch you should receive an email letting you know they have your parcel. On the morning of delivery you should receive another email giving you an estimated two hour time slot for delivery.
Orders placed before 1pm on Monday – Friday are usually packed and collected by our courier on the same day.
Orders placed on Friday before 1pm should arrive with you on Monday unless you select the premium Saturday service.
Orders placed between Friday (after 1pm) and Sunday will usually be shipped on Monday on a next day service.
For delivery to locations other than the mainland such as Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and the Shetland Isles, we use Parcelforce. This may take 2-3 days to arrive. Saturday deliveries are not guaranteed to these locations.
Please note that our couriers do not operate on Sundays or Bank Holidays for either dispatch or delivery.
We also offer a click & collect option from our warehouse near Exeter. Click & collect orders will be ready for collection the next working day and you can collect your order between 11am – 4pm on Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) from the following address:
Barn Florist
Unit 23, Woodbury Business Park
If you’re unable to collect your order between 11am – 4pm please email to arrange an alternative time for collection.
Please note we can only hold click & collect orders for seven days from the date you placed your order.
We wrap most products in recycled or biodegradable materials and pack them in reinforced flower boxes which are recyclable.
We recommend retaining the packaging should you wish to return any products. We would also suggest keeping hold of and reusing the flower hooks that we use to secure your products in place for future use.